Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Supported by: TBA


  • Prof. J. Elder, York University (Project Leader)
  • Prof. G. Sohn, York University
  • Prof. P. Faloutsos, York University
  • Prof. L. Fu, University of Waterloo
  • Prof. J. Lewis, University of Waterloo

Industry Partners: 

  • Esri Canada
  • Fugro Roadware
  • Optech
  • TransPlan
  • Mircom
  • Exascale Solutions

Public Sector Partners: 

  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation,
    Intelligent Transportation Services Division
  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation,
    Traffic Operations Division
  • York University Security Services
  • York University Campus Services

The health of our cities depends on the freedom of citizens to move safely, efficiently and sustainably through the urban environment. Unfortunately, as our cities have grown this freedom has become challenged in a number of ways: sub-optimal management and planning of transit and roadways has led to congestion and excess greenhouse gas emissions, crime makes some areas unsafe at night when crowds are sparse, and those with disabilities find many routes closed to them.

A key requirement in meeting these challenges is the ability to measure, analyze, simulate, and visualize the movement of people through the 3D cityscape, regardless of their mode of transit (e.g., foot, wheelchair, bike, car, bus). The goal of the proposed project is to research, develop, evaluate and ultimately commercialize an integrated Intelligent System for Sustainable Urban Mobility (ISSUM) that provides this ability.