Automatic 3D Video Analytics for Traffic and Road Condition Assessment

Supported by:
Ontario Ministry of Transportation Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program

Public Sector Partner:
Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Intelligent Transportation Services Division

Measurement of highway traffic and road conditions is important for planning, management, incident detection and notification, all of which are crucial to the efficiency and safety of our vehicle transportation systems. With the availability of highway camera networks, such as MTO’s COMPASS system, there is opportunity to use continuous video data to monitor highway traffic and assess road conditions. Human experts can analyze video but this is costly and cannot be done thoroughly on a continuous basis.

There is therefore a requirement for reliable, sustainable, fully automatic traffic analytics systems that can deliver accurate traffic metrics on a continuous basis. The goal of this project is to help meet this requirement through the research and development of fully-automated traffic analysis hardware and software, demonstrated, evaluated and compared with commercial systems on MTO highways.