About the Formlet Representation of Planar Shape

The formlet representation is a sparse, multi-scale generative model of planar shape first presented at CVPR 2010[2], and then published in the Journal of Image and Vision Computing (JIVC) as an editor’s choice paper[1]. This page provides supplementary material for the JIVC manuscript.
We include our dataset, which consists of 391 blue-screened canonical animal images from the Hemera object database. The images are greyscale *.gif format. We provide a MATLAB implementation of the the Formlet Pursuit algorithm, as well as the Shapelet Pursuit algorithm proposed by Dubinskiy and Zhu [3,4]. We also provide code for extracting the parameter distributions and experimenting with various Formlet bases needed to reproduce the figures in the JIVC paper. To begin, please take a look at readme.txt.

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391 Natural Image Dataset
Occluded Pursuit Experiment
Parameter Distributions